Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Few Last Minute Changes....

We need to alter our January calendar a bit due to my not being at school on Monday the 23rd and also considering our current work load. Here is what the rest of the month looks like for our scholars:

History Test on the French Revolution: Wed the 25th
NWEA Reading Test: Wed the 25th
Book Report Projects Due: Thurs the 26th
NWEA Math Test: Thurs the 26th
Math Test Unit 6 Friday the 27th
Congress Debate at Wasatch High School: Friday the 27th (optional)
Comet building: Friday the 27th
King Arthur Projects due: Mon the 30th
Science Test Astronomy: Tues the 31st

That is quite the busy week, along with spelling/vocabulary and essays. Your scholars' plates are full, but if they have been practicing their time management skills (that we go over daily) they will not be overwhelmed or taken by surprise. We do what we must so that we can do what we want!.....

CHALLENGE TO THE CLASS: I have told the scholars that if EVERY person in the class raises their NWEA scores by even ONE point next week, that we will celebrate with a scholar party....not quite sure what that looks like, but I'll make it happen if they succeed! :)
Saying that, it is IMPERATIVE that your scholars not only get a good night's sleep Tuesday and Wednesday night, but that they eat a high protein balanced breakfast before school. They will be testing at 8:30 which should be a very alert time for them. Please help me to help them achieve success! Thank you!

Next month is going to fly by as fast as this one will.....we have a full plate in February also. January and February tend to be the highest demand of cognition because we are DEEP into the curriculum. They will be having a field trip to Mrs. Cavanaugh's, ($1 donation), they will be learning about the circulatory system and dissecting hearts on Valentine's day!!! They will also be putting on their coffeehouse....ALL IN THE SAME WEEK! I don't know how that happened this year, but that's the way it played out on the schedule. So much to do in such little time....before we know it they will be graduating!

Speaking of which....there will be a graduation packet coming out for the scholars to take home. The graduation ceremony itself is not MANDATORY, but if you would like your graduate to get a sash, be bragged about, and get their awards with the class, then you'll be interested in this information.

Have a great weekend! Onward and Upward....

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