Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pool Party!!!!

Sagacious Scholars...July 12th noon to 2:00 at Layton Surf and Swim!!! See you there! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Keep Swimming, Keep Swimming, Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming.... :)

Scholars had a great time at the pool today as the near 100 degree temperatures didn't even phase us on our tubes! We splashed and played for three hours at Surf 'N Swim in Layton. Enjoy the photos....sorry if you missed it!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

What Forensics Taught Me!

scholars who returned from Indianapolis can share these insights with you personally. Some lessons are universal, but some can only be learned through forensics. And here those lessons are:
  1. Mountain Dew does not have the same nutritional value as sleep.
  2. Don’t take criticism personally: Use it to improve.
  3. Someday you will just have to work until you break. Then, congratulations!
  4. No one will talk to you for more than ten minutes. It’s nothing personal.
  5. Argue with someone like crazy for an then go grab lunch with them.
  6. Judges can’t sentence you and Congress can’t really change anything.
  7. Nuclear war WILL happen. If we accept YOUR argument, that is.
  8. People who talk to themselves or talk to the walls aren’t crazy.
  9. People who talk super fast aren’t always selling cattle.
  10. Do not apologize when you flub something in a speech.
  11. Someone just performed a compelling story about how her dog just died, her sibling ran away from home, and she was diagnosed with a terminal disease. No worries, she’ll be fine again in an hour (after the round was over – remember, it was just a performance, as compelling as it may have seemed!)
  12. An old man, a girl, a lion, a mad scientist, and a tree can all look uncannily like a boy in a suit.
  13. If someone walks in a strange pattern- pay attention! It means they’re saying something important.
  14. If you’re ready to speak, smile.
  15. If someone else is speaking, smile and nod.
  16. When accepting an award, smile.
  17. When a teammate is accepting an award, smile.
  18. Six a.m.? Wow, you slept in this weekend!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Indy Will Never Be The Same!

Our last day in Indianapolis found us watching rounds of Duo, HI, and Poetry and Prose, as well as sitting in on the last congress house. Judging took up some of the morning, and then we headed to various locations for lunch around town while waiting for the awards ceremony. Those of us "east coasters" enjoyed Panera Bread, something we don't see out here in Utah, while Cullin experienced his first White Castle burger. We spent some time at the mall, and headed to the ceremony.

It was an honor to see Grace called up onto the stage with all the quarter finalists for Oratory. What a huge smile she had on her face as she was the first to receive her award, indicating that she was the simply one point behind the semi-finalists. She did a great job, as well as all the other scholars in all of their events. Before we even left they each had decided what they wanted to participate in next year, and how they were going to prepare....I do believe they got the "bug".

Thank you to EVERYONE that made this trip possible. These students will never be the same, and neither will Indianapolis! :)

Last day of the tournament, Cullin's Bright Green Attire!

The Award Ceremony

Our Quarterfinalist!

One last meal at Steak and Shake!

Silly Girl! :)

Paper Cars....Kiddie Meals....

Steak and Shake Window

Texas hold 'em in the airport

Wonderful MOMMIES!!!


My latest t-shirt.... lol

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hanging out between quarters and semis...Grace and I needed a break! :)
The past two days have been fast and furious. Working non-stop into the wee hours of the morning to get speeches ready and then heading to rounds. Today we finished up congress, LD, Oratory, and Prose. Grace Bailey made the BREAK!!!!!! She will be in the top half for LD and Oratory. Tomorrow's ceremony will tell what she will be bringing home! WOOT!  Everyone worked their hardest and did a great job. Some went back to the hotel earlier today to enjoy the pool while others of us stayed to judge and continue rounds.....tonight we enjoyed dinner at a downtown restaurant and currently all competitors are at a crazy mall, and then heading back to the pool...enjoy the photos!


Posting Frenzy....notice Cullin?

Gavel won by Alex for Congress!

Gavel won by Chase for Congress

We get a little crazy as the day goes on!

A moment of serious prayer to get rid of nerves

Crazy boys!

Strawberry Festival!

Life Guard in a full suit! lol

Dinner in Indianapolis!

Up on the fountain in the square!

Carriage Rides

Grace made a break and got a ride!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Indianapolis!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us before leaving Utah this morning...EARLY! :)

Looking out my 20th story room over the soldier's memorial

That tiny square is the pool on the roof of the 9th floor....where everyone else is!

NFL threw a host party at the zoo

We decided to hit the dolphin show...

Waiting for them to begin....

Excited girls!

glad we didn't sit in the "splash zone"

looking out our room at night...quite impressive eh?
We had great flights today and got to Indy on time. We were a bit tired, but made it to the Host Party at the Indianapolis Zoo and then to registration. We had a great time at Steak and Shake for dinner, and all competitors are currently tucked in bed for the night. We are getting up at 5:30, 3:30 Utah time to be to the venue by 7:00. Pray that we have a prosperous day, the competitors are awake, and that they do their best and commit the rest! I am so proud of them and their hard work! Watch for updates throughout the day!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Ready to Hit THE ROAD!

Eleven students and five adults will be hitting the road to head to Indianapolis this coming Tuesday. Stay posted to the blog for photos and highlights of the trip. We are looking forward to competing since we have been at school EVERY DAY working like crazy to prepare.

If you are near GFA and the office has the building open, feel free to take a look in the trophy case at our newest trophy. I will take photos tomorrow and update the site with a photo of the Math Counts Silver Trophy and the First Place Utah Forensics Trophy! Congratulations to all the scholars that contributed to our placings, whether or not you are heading to Indianapolis.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the entire class and your lovely families for the beautiful scrap book and basket you blessed me with at graduation. I JUST got to start looking through the book, and haven't made it to your letters yet, but the photos alone make it so very special. I will treasure it always. You have all made the memories very special THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BLESSING ME!

Have a great weekend!