Saturday, June 16, 2012

Indy Will Never Be The Same!

Our last day in Indianapolis found us watching rounds of Duo, HI, and Poetry and Prose, as well as sitting in on the last congress house. Judging took up some of the morning, and then we headed to various locations for lunch around town while waiting for the awards ceremony. Those of us "east coasters" enjoyed Panera Bread, something we don't see out here in Utah, while Cullin experienced his first White Castle burger. We spent some time at the mall, and headed to the ceremony.

It was an honor to see Grace called up onto the stage with all the quarter finalists for Oratory. What a huge smile she had on her face as she was the first to receive her award, indicating that she was the simply one point behind the semi-finalists. She did a great job, as well as all the other scholars in all of their events. Before we even left they each had decided what they wanted to participate in next year, and how they were going to prepare....I do believe they got the "bug".

Thank you to EVERYONE that made this trip possible. These students will never be the same, and neither will Indianapolis! :)

Last day of the tournament, Cullin's Bright Green Attire!

The Award Ceremony

Our Quarterfinalist!

One last meal at Steak and Shake!

Silly Girl! :)

Paper Cars....Kiddie Meals....

Steak and Shake Window

Texas hold 'em in the airport

Wonderful MOMMIES!!!


My latest t-shirt.... lol

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