Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time Flies When We're Having Fun

Here are the photos from the last week of school. The TKAM Aunt Alexandra's Tea Party, picnic and games and geocaching at Riverdale Park, and graduation. It seems like the years just fly by faster and least we have the memories!

girls night out!

Mrs. Dubose, Tutti, and Fruitie, Miss Rachel, Stephanie Crawford, Miss Maudie, Aunt Alexandra

Dill, Jem, Scout, and Calpurnia

Mr. Gilmer, the JUDGE, and Atticus

Mayella, Mr. Ewell, Mr. Avery, Dolfphus Raymond, and Zeebo

Boo Radley

Sheriff  HeckTate

Judge at work

Debate between Atticus and Mr. Gilmer on segregation and rights

Grad night

Belle the Beauty

Heading to the park

Oak marries Wyatt and they have 147 children and live in a trailer! lol

Adam trying his hand at Bocce

Coach and I cleaning up!

Oak insisted on pairing with Andrew and taking us on!

Add caption

Finding some shade

Congratulations class of 2012!


more silliness

Andrew mesmerizing himself with the Newton's Cradle

Our last day with Adam in our state!

more silliness....after a year of not being allowed to stand on the table.... lol


happy birthday MOLLY

Happy Birthday BELLE

she laughed...happy birthday BELLE....again!

Shane's too cool to laugh...happy birthday Shane!

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