Monday, June 18, 2012

What Forensics Taught Me!

scholars who returned from Indianapolis can share these insights with you personally. Some lessons are universal, but some can only be learned through forensics. And here those lessons are:
  1. Mountain Dew does not have the same nutritional value as sleep.
  2. Don’t take criticism personally: Use it to improve.
  3. Someday you will just have to work until you break. Then, congratulations!
  4. No one will talk to you for more than ten minutes. It’s nothing personal.
  5. Argue with someone like crazy for an then go grab lunch with them.
  6. Judges can’t sentence you and Congress can’t really change anything.
  7. Nuclear war WILL happen. If we accept YOUR argument, that is.
  8. People who talk to themselves or talk to the walls aren’t crazy.
  9. People who talk super fast aren’t always selling cattle.
  10. Do not apologize when you flub something in a speech.
  11. Someone just performed a compelling story about how her dog just died, her sibling ran away from home, and she was diagnosed with a terminal disease. No worries, she’ll be fine again in an hour (after the round was over – remember, it was just a performance, as compelling as it may have seemed!)
  12. An old man, a girl, a lion, a mad scientist, and a tree can all look uncannily like a boy in a suit.
  13. If someone walks in a strange pattern- pay attention! It means they’re saying something important.
  14. If you’re ready to speak, smile.
  15. If someone else is speaking, smile and nod.
  16. When accepting an award, smile.
  17. When a teammate is accepting an award, smile.
  18. Six a.m.? Wow, you slept in this weekend!

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