Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hanging out between quarters and semis...Grace and I needed a break! :)
The past two days have been fast and furious. Working non-stop into the wee hours of the morning to get speeches ready and then heading to rounds. Today we finished up congress, LD, Oratory, and Prose. Grace Bailey made the BREAK!!!!!! She will be in the top half for LD and Oratory. Tomorrow's ceremony will tell what she will be bringing home! WOOT!  Everyone worked their hardest and did a great job. Some went back to the hotel earlier today to enjoy the pool while others of us stayed to judge and continue rounds.....tonight we enjoyed dinner at a downtown restaurant and currently all competitors are at a crazy mall, and then heading back to the pool...enjoy the photos!


Posting Frenzy....notice Cullin?

Gavel won by Alex for Congress!

Gavel won by Chase for Congress

We get a little crazy as the day goes on!

A moment of serious prayer to get rid of nerves

Crazy boys!

Strawberry Festival!

Life Guard in a full suit! lol

Dinner in Indianapolis!

Up on the fountain in the square!

Carriage Rides

Grace made a break and got a ride!

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