Sunday, March 4, 2012

Science Fair and Communism Day!

Last Thursday night found the gym teeming with people and judges as the fifth and sixth grade students presented their experiments for the GFA 2012 Science Fair. We were happy to see so many students excited about what they had produced. The judges claimed that the sixth grade was by far the hardest to judge because there so many very well done experiments. Congratulations to Katie Bloker, Grace Bailey, and Ashton Ames who will be traveling to Weber State University on the 19th of March to present one more time to another group of judges. There will be over 400 sixth graders present. We are excited about participating! :)

Friday morning the totalitarian dictator came into school feeling quite ill and did the best she could to allow the students to experience a Communistic classroom for a couple hours. The scholars learned how to kick march, sit in desks with their hands clasped behind their seats, and proclaim All Hail to Comrade Downs. They were rationed the state pencil to use for the day, and were expected to wear red. Most decided they did not like this type of a dictatorship after less than 2 hours. Since the dictator was not feeling well, AND it was Wyatt's birthday, we called it short.

Tomorrow we will be having our vocab and spelling test from Friday and working on essays again.

We continue to "March" forward into spring! :)

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