Monday, April 2, 2012

Assembly and Immigration Luncheon!

This week is our last week before a much needed break FOR ALL OF US! :) We will be hosting the assembly on Friday and the theme is perseverance. Come and watch your scholars put on an assembly. They will AMAZE you!

Also Friday we will be having lunch together in the suite. Please cancel your lunch order for that day if you purchase lunches. Each scholar is to bring in a sampling for everyone else of a food from their respective heritage. The assignment part is to write out what it is called, the country of origin, and the recipe to share with others.

I will provide the plates, plastic, and napkins. We could use some drinks, or extra water bottles ( I have around 18). This should be an interesting way to learn about our families that immigrated to America and what their traditional foods are like.

Tomorrow is the Lincoln-Douglas competition for those looking to earn a seat at the State Competition. If your child is competing please send them with a second lunch that will act as their dinner. They can eat between rounds. We are hoping to be done by 6:30.

Wednesday after school is the graduation meeting. If you are interesting in working on it, please be here to meet.

Thursday the scholars' research papers are due. They may use the Purdue OWL website to make sure their works cited pages are correct, and their format is correct. They are to have it printed out and ready to hand in Thursday morning. We will also be having our History Test on Thursday to finish up the Immigration unit.

Friday is a science test on the Immunity and Diseases unit we have been studying.

Then it's SPRING BREAK!!!! I will post the April Calendar later this week.

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