Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cooperation - Put Your HEART Into It!

What a packed day we had as we began with a quiet chapter of the giver, and trying to explain what a color was, to deciding when we think it's best to be able to have choices and make decisions for ourselves.....

From there we set ourselves to the task of getting to the heart of the matter, and spent an hour on our heart dissection. All students were able to find the right atrium and ventricle and the left atrium and ventricle. Most were able to put their fingers and probes through the blood path (see photos).

We then spent some time on chapter 8 in our new book B for math. We are continuing with algebraic equations and today we found for "x". Most scholars picked up on this quite quickly and found it rather simple. Tonight they have some homework to practice before we embark on the next piece tomorrow.

This afternoon we started our cooperation unit and students were broken up in to teams where they had to cooperate together to lead a blindfolded person through the hallways and back up to our room. Those who were blindfolded decided that it was easier to direct someone AFTER having to be blindfolded because experience taught them just how difficult a task it is to listen to a bunch of voices at once.....this is just the beginning of cooperating.

The Call of the Wild Project that will be done this month is based in cooperation. It is a TEAM project and all scholars get the same grade. It's about working together for a common goal! They will get their assignments tomorrow and then have two class periods and their own free time (they can stay after school if need be so they can work together). The idea is that they work as a team, help with materials and put the project together to present as a team.

Tomorrow morning we will be talking about the science of candymaking before heading off to Mrs. Cavanaugh's. Please remember to provide a little cash to your scholar so they can purchase candy to decorate your table on Friday night for the Coffeehouse!

Thank you so much for all the Valentine goodies too! As usual, I am overwhelmed!

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