Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again.

Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts for my daughter as we walked through that trial yesterday with the accident. The scholars were real troopers and their holding it together helped me to hold it together after the phone call. Thank you so much for your concern, and the scholars also! We are blessed, a concussion, some whiplash and some residue burns....she will heal and we are glad she will be okay.

ALSO thank you for being so generous to help pay for our February science unit experiment. I am very encouraged with the help. The hearts and dissection kits are ordered. I believe the scholars will enjoy this learning experience.

ALSO thank you for volunteering to help out with all that we have going on this month. This is usually the most rigorous time of the year. We have a math competition, a field trip, a coffeehouse, and a science's total craziness, and at the same time none of it would be able to happen without our awesome parental support. Thank you once more!

We finished our King Arthur unit, and the scholars got the opportunity to try and sport a genuine King Solomon Sword. It was fun to watch them lift it and attempt to keep it level. Enjoy the photos! I will load the rest up later this evening. They are currently resizing.

We are onto February and we have a very full plate!
Here is the tentative calendar. Some things may move due to covering material faster or slower, but right now this is the plan:

3 - Spelling/Vocab tests Science Research Due
7 - Latin Test
8 - Astronomy Test
10 - Essay, Poetry due for contest, Spelling/Vocab tests
11 - MATH COUNTS at Weber State
13 - Math Test
15 - Field Trip to Mrs. Cavanaugh's $1 per student
17 - NO SCHOOL - COFFEEHOUSE at 6:30 Wasatch Christian School
22 - History Test - Capitalism, Socialism, Industrialism
23 - Science Boards due for the Science Fair
27 - Call of the Wild Team Projects Due

March 1 - Science Fair 6:00 pm
March 9 - Utopia Project Due

You will be receiving packets for graduation soon. Not everyone HAS to participate in the ceremony, but if you choose to, you will have the information.

Also, there are quite a few scholars who are very close to qualifying for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana this coming June 11 - 15. I will be getting packets out to families to start that conversation. We need to have the coffeehouse first to accumulate more points, but soon after you can be expecting to get some paperwork if your scholar has been active in Speech and Debate this year.

One more time, Thank you ALL for making this a fulfilling year for your scholars! :)

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