Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Full Speed Ahead!

A scholar speaking this morning: "Mrs. Goers, will we still be moving at this pace once we make it into fourth quarter, or will we be done?"

Mrs. Goers: "Done!??? Seriously......this is the pace, we have kept and will keep the pace through the fourth quarter, how do you think we cover all the work we do?"

Scholar: "Good! I love "fastness".

Thus goes our day in the suite, covering novels, analyzing, synthesizing into our everyday lives ideologies, ideals, and practices that we learn and discover together. Busily the scholars are working on their Call of the Wild projects today, and they will have more group time together on Friday. They have science boards due TOMORROW for their science fair projects, which gives me a couple days to look them over, give them advice, and have them take them home to amend if need be. Friday we will be tackling our unit 8 math test on algebra since we have completed the unit as of today.

We have plenty on our plates for March : Scholars will be subject to socialism day, communism day, and then will be rewarded with utopia day, a day of their design. More info to follow on that. Please check your email. We have a Utopia project that they will produce for the 14th. This is a project that is basically their creation of what their utopia would be. They will write an essay, attach it to a poster board, and then use photos, drawings, 3D objects, etc in order to help us understand their utopia. Next week I will put up the entire March calendar.

Also in March we are learning about careers, having parents come in and present, and writing our research papers on the careers of choice. Research papers are due on April 5th right before the break. I am looking forward to seeing what the scholars put together.

please note: If you schedule a conference with me; I don't believe it's unreasonable to expect you to show up. I don't appreciate sitting at school when I can be home enjoying my family. Please check your schedules when you sign up on PTC. Thank you so much for being considerate! :)

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