Sunday, May 20, 2012

48 Hours of Hands On Education!

Friday morning began in our classroom as we were going over our booklets and events and the lightening and thunder began. We were basically drenched through to our skin before we even entered the park at Lagoon. Spirits remained high as we found shelter in the Davis Pavilion and watched the high school students set up their roller coaster inventions. We then registered for our event and got ready to ride the sky ride. There are no photos of the drop, since the rain was coming down so hard, and I had to help the scholars determine when and where to drop. There are however photos of later in the day when the sky cleared and we actually had some sun!

Congratulations to EVERYONE who hit the bulls eye, whether their egg broke or not! Congratulations to GRACE CAMPBELL for earning third place with her drop and her container. We had a great time even though the weather was a bit nasty!

The next afternoon found the young men at Five Guys to begin our Guys' Night Out. The derby was phenomenal, the weather was perfect, the cars and trucks were of the best derbies I've ever been to, and I've been frequenting them since I was a child! The guys had a great time with Cullin, Coach, and Ron, and even us ladies enjoyed the evening. There's just a sampling of photos here from the entire weekend.....

Bob is ready to go!

waiting in line to be approved

first ride of the day

waiting for the new ride

not minding the cold and wet!

jet torture!

that would be Cullin and the twins...upside down!

Wicked line was much shorter than last year!

Check out Coach white knuckling next to the twins!

Wyatt!! You ROCK!

Adam and Andrew are somewhere on this ride.....

Here we go!!!

Cullin screaming like a girl! lol

Katie is definitely enjoying herself!

Ta-Da!  Grace Campbell!

The sun came out...let's get wet, AGAIN!
Can't leave without dippin' dots!

SUN= Warm and DRY!

Time to EAT!

Barely dry and getting wet again!
They aren't driving in my car! lol

Crazy people!

Class of 2012!

Congrats Grace...and even the teacher gets a prize! :)
More than Five Guys....

Bull Horns earned them a mud shield!

Can you hear me now? lol

Looking for Coach Hassell.

I'll catch a frisbee while I'm at it!

LOUD boys!

Loud cars!

Our front row seats....plenty of dirt to go around!


Getting a car off the wall

Did you see that?????

Our driver won!!!! WOOT!

eating dirt

Alex putting a little "light" on the subject

Truck competition

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