Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fun-Filled, Sun-Filled Days!

The scholars enjoyed our Science Review today out in the sun. In fact we were outside for almost an hour, and totally appreciated the air conditioning when we got back to the room. All scholars have science packets to review for the NWEA. We are also working on our last unit of math, and reviewing for the NWEA there also.

The scholars are aware that there are a multitude of assessments coming their way on a daily basis as we walk into the last 12 instruction days we have. We have a full day out for Lagoon next week, we also have a full day out for Aunt Alexandra's Tea Party, and of course Field Day. Our time in the suite is really narrowing down to hours and minutes.

Girls Night Out is this Saturday. The ladies want to meet at my house, go to In n Out Burger for dinner and then go to the movies in Centerville. We will enjoy a little fun time together before we hit the exams next week. The Guys Night out is the following Saturday, and we have yet to determine what exactly we're doing that evening. So far we are meeting at my house and heading to Five Guys for dinner......

Scholars have their final book report projects due tomorrow, and their Science Project for Lagoon due on Friday. Just today I saw a scholar in my own neighborhood out by the street anxiously unpacking her container to see if her egg had survived! :)

Next week we start every morning with NWEA testing. I am asking that the scholars have a good breakfast and plenty of rest before coming into school.

This weekend we also celebrate mothers, and to that I say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I have some of the very best moms on the face of the earth parenting my scholars. I am so blessed.

Have a wonderful evening.....

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