Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Girls' Night Out, NWEA, Science Extravaganza

Ten days and counting and we're as busy as ever in and out of the suite. We began our NWEA tests and I am pleased to report that we're doing quite well so far.  Ninety-nine percent of students have improved in both Reading and Science. On the science test today the entire class came out proficient, and some were hitting scores of 233....way beyond what is necessary in sixth grade. As an instructor I am nothing but pleased with the hard work these scholars have put forth. They are showing their true colors and reaping the harvest of their hard work all year.

Tomorrow we take the Language Exam. I am expecting great things once again!

Saturday night was Girls' Night Out, and This coming Saturday is Guys' Night Out. We had a great night out eating at In n' Out Burger and then heading over to see Mirror, Mirror. We had great company with Mrs. Pockrus who joined us for the evening.

This week we dug into our Science Kits that were graciously donated by the AIAA Foundation. We have performed a number of experiments, including sodium bromate rockets. The students will finish the experiments tomorrow. Enjoy the photos!

Before leaving for Dinner

The end of the evening...crashing in the den.....

The "box" of shame! :)

Being entertained....

Nice face MOLLY! :)

Sierra in the box!

Katie does not want to know Grace! lol
The rest of the week is very busy also, with finishing NWEA tests, and getting ready for Lagoon on Friday. We will be examining the physics of roller coasters tomorrow and finishing up our work on our projects. Lagoon, Guys' Night, and a week finishing up all our material so I can put together grades over the three day weekend......we're almost there!!!!

Building the star map.

Adam working while Andrew reads the experiment.

Building the Kepler Scope.

Star map work

The comedian....check out the eye..... :)

Getting ready to shoot rockets

stuffing the heads with alka-seltzer

Team Two's shot the highest....

Using the Kepler

The worms are upside down....wait, can they be???

checking out a bird's nest.....

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