Friday, May 25, 2012

Rollercoasters and National Pudding Day!

Our last week of work.....included many final exams AND applying the physics that we learned from Lagoon's Physics Day by building our own roller coasters and presenting them to the class. The teams had three hours to build the roller coasters they had sketched the day before. Ms. Demeter honored us by taking time out of her busy day to come and judge each of the teams. They were graded on creativity, whether or not the coaster actually worked with their marbles, how many of Newton's laws they were able to demonstrate, and their actual presentation speaking skills.
Congratulations to Adam DeYoung, Wyatt Flint, and Sierra Williams for winning the competition. Enjoy the photos.

We also celebrated (thanks to Andrew Antczak) National Pudding Day as we took a break from the exams and went outside to enjoy our sugar yesterday!

Tuesday we will be finishing up To Kill A Mockingbird by watching the movie and having our Aunt Alexandra's Tea Party. We will also be reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry to get it finished before the end of the week. Wednesday is Field Day, and graduation that evening at 6:30. Thursday we will read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry in the morning for a couple hours, and then head over to Riverdale Partk to geocache and play disc golf. If you have discs that your student can borrow, please send them on Thursday. Friday the scholars can wear their nice clothes and their graduation stoles so they can be announced at the assembly.

Thank you all for a fantastic year with your wonderful children! I am blessed!

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