Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Enthralling Book Report Projects!

Last Friday was our first Book Report Project Presentation. The scholars took the floor to show off their projects and intrigue us to read their books. Please see photos below of some of the presentations:
We also worked on our math review and finished it up yesterday so that we could take our math tests today.

Tomorrow is our gods and goddesses get-together. The second grade will be joining us for the beginning portion when our gods and goddesses are being guessed by their classmates and giving hints. This will take place at 2:00 in the cafeteria. The scholars will have the opportunity to sample Greek foods when done. Thank you to Mrs. Bloker and her committee for putting this together for us.....it is one of those events these scholars will never forget.

We also completed Julius Caesar today and will be having a review day tomorrow and a final on Thursday. We will then be moving into an Introduction of Mark Twain on Friday.
Scholars should be working on their essays due on Friday about respect. We have been writing in class, and this evening they need to have their three solid paragraphs and introduction done. Tomorrow they can work on their conclusions.

They should also be working on memorizing their speeches; at least the first through second minutes, and writing their third minute at this point. We are also spending time in class working on those.

Thank you to all who have donated to cover our new couch and chair. I will be traveling to the store today with Mrs. Bloker to get the fabric and be working on covering them this week. Thank you for your generosity! :)

Have a wonderfully blessed evening.

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