Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazing Gods and Goddesses!

What an awesome day we had in the suite today!....thanks to the wonderful parental support and commitment, I am pleased to say that we had a wonderful turn out and participation rate in our god and goddess event today.
Please enjoy these few pictures that were taken by Mr. Campbell with my camera before the battery died! If you have photos that we can use for the blog, or our portfolios, please email them to my school address and I will include them!
Thank you!

Also, tomorrow is our final exam on Julius Caesar. I showed the scholars the trailer for the movie that is currently hosted on YouTube, but I am not showing it in class. It is rated PG-13 and if you find it appropriate, you may share it with them on their own time at home.

Tomorrow we will also be finishing up writing our essays and the scholars will need to write their final piece to be handed in Friday morning. They need to remember to include five meaty vocabulary words and to be sure it is either hand written in cursive neatly, or typed. If your scholar chooses to type, it must be double spaced, MLA style, one inch margins, Times New Roman.

Friday will also be our Vocabulary and Spelling test, first thing. Friday afternoon the Speech and Debate Club will be meeting in our suite before heading out to the tournament to observe. Please be sure I have a permission slip for your scholar if he or she is going to join us. We will be calling homes when we are close to Riverdale and you can pick up your scholar at school that evening.

Thank you for your support today! I am so honored to be working with your scholars. They really have raised the bar!

There are also some photos included from other parents who so graciously are sharing them with us! Thank you all so much!

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