Monday, September 19, 2011

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn....There is a Season.....

Important note:
Due to Instructor Error I was under the impression that all of my students were following the dress code to a tee. Apparently I was mistaken as my students' photos showed up on the large screen at faculty meeting last Friday, to my dismay. I thought the wording "patch pockets" referred specifically to cargo type pants and shorts. Apparently I was sorely mistaken, and patch pockets refers to any pocket that has stitching around the outside of the pocket. Therefore we have a number of students OUT OF DRESS CODE. Please see to it that your students are only wearing shorts and pants with an interior pocket, not "patch pockets". Again, it's gone this long because their instructor did not know the definition of the words. I stand corrected, and will be watching for dress code adherence starting next Monday. Please excuse my error.

Ask your scholar about those title words, and you'll hear that they experienced the famous BYRDS today, from the 60s singing, "Turn, turn, turn..." Yes, the looks on their faces were priceless! :)

We were studying the book of Ecclesiastes in our Pearson History books today and they had a passage in print that went along with the music. They then answered some questions about what the author was trying to get across to the readers. Very interesting, to say the least!

We had our first NWEA test today, which was Reading, and tomorrow we take Language. If your scholar scores above 80% in BOTH sections of the test, they will be invited to take part in the Novel Project for the class. This is an enrichment project that will challenge even the best writers to stretch and produce a novel that will be turned in to a publishing company to read and critique. There is a cost involved, and you will get an email explaining it, and have a choice of joining the group or not joining the group.

After the Math NWEA I will be inviting students to take part on our Math Team, to participate in Math Counts. There is a regional competition, a state competition, and then a team that's put together from Utah of the top students to participate in the National Competition.

There will also be 6 scholars invited to participate in the Geography Bee, those being the strongest in geography, of course.

Speech and Debate club will begin on Friday and we will be discussing traveling to some competitions to observe the different events.

Wednesday is our Science test on light. Please be sure your scholar is studying. Book reports are due to be presented on Friday. Tomorrow speech topics are due, and 2 bits of information that they would like to include in their speech.

We will be working on our essays on respect tomorrow, and getting ready to write our first minute of our oratories.

If you haven't noticed, we are taking up the pace a notch with a number of things in process at one time. It is mandatory that students learn to time manage, and pace themselves to find a balance and not be overwhelmed with everything at once. The best coaching that you can do from home is to make sure your scholar is working on something every single evening, even if it is something that is due in a week. Thank you for partnering with me in training your scholars to think ahead, plan ahead, and balance their academics.

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