Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Will, We Will Rock You!

The Sixth Grade Sagacious Scholars helped to lead the first assembly of the student body yesterday as we taught the proper way to respect our Headmaster and Dean when they enter the room. The student body got to practice together for the first time when Ms. Downs and Ms. Demeter entered the gym.

Ms. Downs gave a short explanation of what respect is about, and then asked for volunteers to help her strengthen the definition.

We then ran a little skit about how students respect their teachers and each other throughout the day. It was fun to work with Coach Hassell and I believe the message got across to the student body well.

We ended the assembly by leading the student body in "We Will, We Will Rock You!"
We were very honored to help with the assembly and practice our leadership skills!

We also had our Spelling and Vocabulary tests first thing in the morning. Since the instructor is updating this blog from 32,000 feet in the air, the rest of the vocab tests are still being scored. Check Engrade by the end of this evening for scores on that test.

We had very little time to accomplish much else on Friday, but we did cover another scene of Julius Caesar and worked with Greatest Common Factors in math. We also learned about oratory and humorous interpretation and watched an HI from a national competition. The scholars enjoyed the young man's interpretation of literature, and have an idea of what some of the speech events for Speech and Debate look like.

Tuesday Mrs. Koren will greet the scholars, and they know that they are to be on their absolute best behavior for the week while I am away. I expect nothing but the best from them, and I am sure they are up to the challenge.
Thank you to all of you who came out to see the scholars on Friday, and a special thank you to Mr. Doug Johnson who willingly became the blog photographer at a moment's notice!

Have a great week!!!!

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