Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Essays, Speeches, Myths, and Such.....

Your scholars currently have quite a bit on their plates. They may not have a list a mile long in their planners each night, but they have many things in process that need work a little bit at a time. As stated before Time Management is VITAL this year as middle schoolers continue to learn how to govern themselves and portion out their time. Middle School demands responsibility, and it's our job to help them get there!

They are currently working on a number of things, all of which can be worked on at home as well as in school. They are:

Monthly book reports
myth writing
essay writing
speech writing
novel reading
play reading
content reading
squares and cubes
GCF and LCM...and on and on.....

Tomorrow is the first science assessment on light. We had a review class today and all scholars should have brought home their notes to study. They will need to be able to give me the five steps in the scientific method, as well as list out the visible light spectrum in order. They need to be able to determine where a piece of equipment lies in the spectrum dependent upon which types of rays it uses. It's a pretty straight forward test and if they were here for the experiment and have been listening intently, they should all perform quite well.

We will continue writing our essays that are due on the 30th as well as working through what makes a great myth and how to develop their own. We will be writing our myths via a website in the computer lab. The scholars should find this quite entertaining as well as engaging.

Our gods and goddesses gathering will be on the 28th from 2 to 3. I would like each scholar to have at least a minute up in front of the class to give us hints as to who they are, why they dressed the way they did, and why they chose their particular god or goddess....anyone who would like to contribute Greek food for the occasion is more than welcome, and of course all parents are welcome to observe that afternoon.

Included today is a picture of our class preparing to sculpt in art. They all have their groovy art shirts on, and are definitely showing us who they are in living color! :)

Have a delightful evening!

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