Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeling a Bit Slow

Thank you parents and scholars for giving me a bit of breathing room to try and get on my feet after this virus. It really took me for a loop this past weekend and I'm still not feeling one hundred percent. Thank you to Mrs. Campbell who subbed for me yesterday. There was no way I could possibly have even sat in my chair.

Saying that, please reiterate with your scholar the importance of cleanliness at school. THEY MUST WASH THEIR HANDS, be careful with their coughing, and use a tissue for their noses. They need to be considerate of others so we can stop this onslaught of sickness in our room. I am constantly wiping down desks with Clorox wipes and we still have three scholars out sick today. They miss an enormous amount of work when they're gone, and I hate to see anyone suffering with this nasty flu.

The schedule for October is as follows:
5 -- Latin Test
6 - Speech minutes 1 - 3 to memory
7 - Essay due, Spelling/Vocab test/ Math test unit 2
12 - Science Test
13 - Speech minutes 4 - 6
14 - Spelling/Vocab test/ Essay due
19 - Written Book Report Due (following form in their folder)
20 - 23 NO SCHOOL :)
24 - Speech minutes 7 - 8
26 - Field Trip to Utah Museum of Fine Arts 10:00 a.m. (we need drivers)
28 - Spelling/Vocab Test/Essay due

Friday was our first debate tournament for the scholars to observe ( see photo above). We watched Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum. The scholars will be discussing what they observed in class later today.

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