Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Copper Beeches, UMFA, The Great Seal.....

We started our morning designing our own "great seal" that will be the definition of who each scholar is for the rest of our study of The Prince and the Pauper. We will spend time tomorrow afternoon attempting to discern who's who in the world of great seals.... :)

Sherlock Holmes' Speckled Band complete, today we started the Adventure of the Copper Beeches. We will be spending the next 5 days watching, paying attention to detail, and trying to solve the mystery.

While we're working, we're making our way through our 8 minute oratories, working on this week's essay, and some students are working on duos and HIs. There is a Constitution Quiz on Thursday and then a large History test on Monday. The scholars have quite a bit on their plates, but for the most part they have all risen to the occasion and are performing quite well. They are beginning to feel comfortable with the pace, and some of them are getting ahead of their own schedules; bringing joy to the heart of their pedagogue!

We are moving along in our math unit, and will have a test on this unit sometime next week. We have it scheduled for Wednesday the 2nd. That will depend upon the pace over the next couple days.

TOMORROW is our field trip to Utah Museum of Fine Arts. We will be visiting the Greek and Roman artifacts which will include the sarcophagus of a Roman nobleman. We should come back quite enlightened.

We will begin our new unit in science sometime this week. We will be studying Energy for the next month and will be learning all sorts of fun facts. We will be performing some interesting experiments also, and I will be notifying some of you when we need assistance for our labs.

If you have not signed up for a conference please remember to do so. Conferences will be held next week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

Have a great night!

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