Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Fraction of a Fraction is a Fraction Times a Fraction! :)

The scholars bound their way through the beginning of our unit on Fractions and Decimals today. We will be continuing in this unit for a bit, and the scholars are aware that 100% by every scholar on the weekly fractions and decimal quizzes constitutes pizza for all! We'll see how we do.... :)

The photos today are of the class working with our fraction tiles, complements of our Singapore Manipulatives. We are so happy to have them and use them in our learning process. Fractions and decimals can get confusing, but the tiles help us to understand larger denominators in smaller parts. Your scholar should be clearly able to explain to you, how, in fact, the denominator gets larger, when in fact, the actual fractional piece is smaller! :)

We added a Latin Test to our schedule today, somehow we missed it for the month. It will be on Monday the 17th and covers the first 20 Latin and English terms and roots. Book reports (written following the outline the scholars were given) are due a week from tomorrow. Your scholar should be close to finished reading their book report book by now so they can get started.

The weekly essay topic is: Choose any character we have read about, either in Language Arts, Lit Circles, Book Reports, or Read-A-Loud that you feel is a good role model for a sixth grade sagacious scholar and tell us why they are that good model. Scholars have a scoring rubric in their folders that will be used to score their essays. Tonight they should have three good point paragraphs done, and be writing their introduction.

Friday we will be having our Science test that was originally scheduled for tomorrow. I would like to take a bit more time to be sure we have reviewed everything, light, heat, sound and that the scholars are comfortable with the material, therefore I moved it to Friday.

Speech minutes 4 - 6 are due on Thursday. Scholars had time in class to write them today. They need to be putting them together with their first three minutes and practicing them at home. Please take out the 6 minutes to listen to them and critique them. These are speeches, they need to convince you that what they're talking about is important to them, and they need to make you want to listen, not fall asleep!

Have a restful evening!

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