Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boiling Soap, Dreidel, and HEY! Josh is a GRIZZLY!!

What a crazy week we had! We finished up our study of the electromagnetic spectrum by looking at microwaves more in depth, and watching soap boil in our suite's oven. We learned about how the moisture in the air pockets of the soap was targeted by the microwaves. Fun...and interesting.....

We then had the opportunity to play dreidel, not once but twice due to scholar enthusiasm! By now the scholars are absolutely sure of the Hebrew lettering and what each much so that they can chant and hope and pray for everyone else to get SHIN! :)

We completed our second unit in Math and will begin our unit on multiplying and dividing fractions on Monday....that is if I can find my books! We had a little water incident in our room with the rain last week, and it's still not all cleaned up. We are hoping the patch on the roof holds and we can get our room back in order this coming week!

We had an incredible surprise on Friday when the Utah Grizzlies sent a representative to talk to us about goal setting, teamwork, and believing in yourself. Josh was honored to be dressed as a Grizzly, was allowed to shoot at the goal, and earned free tickets for all of us to the opener of the Grizzlies season......The whole student body owes him a THANK YOU!

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