Monday, October 17, 2011

A Short Week; Accomplishing Much!

Even though we only have a short week, we are cramming in as much material as we possibly can! We do not have an essay due this week, but on Wednesday the scholars will complete their myths, and have a written book report to hand in. Two pieces of writing is plenty for a three day week!

We are working on multiplying decimals in math and worked on tenths and hundredths today. Well over 80% of the class was performing 100% on the guided to get them to show that on a quiz! :)

We have continued with our History unit and today got to read all about a Roman Dictator by the name of Julius Caesar. It is an absolute joy to read through this piece of history with a class that has just completed the Shakespearean piece. They know every word, how to pronounce it, and they read it with is so encouraging to me! Julius Caesar will be a part of their world for their entire 6th grade experience.....

We are finishing up listening to the Children's Homer this week and the students will have a written final on it sometime next week. I believe they know the storyline and how it plays out. Of course when we were listening about the cyclops today they all found it quite interesting!

We are also introducing the genre of mystery with two authors that I like to save for the end of October. We will be reading and listening to both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and Edgar Allen Poe (Tell Tale Heart) which is always a favorite around this time of year. They will listen to a dramatized version tomorrow which includes the pounding heart and all.....

We are completing our bulletin boards outside our room for Self Control tomorrow as we have been practicing it in the classroom as well.

Please see our photos today of our men practicing chivalry as they allow the ladies in the room to pick their seats in the family room first.....CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD! least not in the Sixth Grade Sagacious Scholars' Room!

Also see photos of putting together lettering for the bulletin board and practicing speeches.....:)

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