Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Counting Down to the Tourney!

Students are starting to get excited about our Tournament this coming week. On Friday all students competing in Oratory or Duo need to stay at school for practice from 1:00 to 3:00. Then the students who are going to Brighton High School for Lincoln Douglas training will be heading out with Mrs. Connelly. Cullin Johns, our LD coach will also be heading down there for the afternoon. The students will call when they are half an hour away from school and parents can pick them up at school.

Those who did not earn an 80% or higher on our last math unit exam will be retesting this Friday for a second time. This will be a similar test to the first one they took. I will take the higher grade and use that in the grade book.

We are working through packets of review and the rest of the class is also working on the first three units of review so that we're all ready for our next unit on ratio.

In Science we have moved into our energy unit and are learning about everything from "poop" power to wind turbines. Today the scholars read about solar ovens and drew their own in their packets. If our weather cooperates next spring I would love to take one of their plans and actually build a solar oven and cook in it!

We are continuing with the Prince and the Pauper which will be completed before the second of December, along with Number the Stars. The students have a project book report due on the
29th and their Number the Stars project due on the 2nd of December.
Busy, Busy, Busy....that is what we are! :)

Stop by the upstairs and check out the Attitude of Gratitude papers your scholars wrote....many of them will bring tears to your eyes!

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