Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NOVEMBER!!!! What Happened!

It's hard for any of us suite-dwellers to even believe that it's already November! Time is flying by, and we have to grab it and get the most of it while we can!

The important dates for this month are as follows:

8 Math Test, Unit Three
11 Vocab/Spelling/Essay
15 History Test, Enlightenment
18 Essay
18 Speech and Debate Training for Coaches/Parents/Judges
21 Spelling/Vocab (from prior week)
22 Grandiloquent Guardians Speech Tournament
29 Book Report Project

After all the long nights this week we will all appreciate a break come Friday.

Ask your scholar about Impromptu Debate, Number the Stars, or Isaac Newton this week and see what you get for discussion topics at the dinner table! :)

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