Friday, November 18, 2011

The Smells, Tastes, and Sounds of a REVOLUTION!!!!

The definite highlight of the day on Thursday was the studying of the beginnings of the French Revolution and the three estates. The scholars were randomly broken up into proportional quantities of clergy, aristocracy, and peasantry by mid-morning.
The aristocracy and clergy had a pretty good situation; or so they thought!
By the time we rambled through our history unit, most of the poor peasants were homeless because of having to pay taxes to the clergy and aristocracy for simple rights like speaking, getting an education, and needing everyday items like pencils. We even had a couple situations where the poor peasants had to live in crowded housing (four to a desk) and then when they couldn't pay their rent to the ruthless aristocrats, they often found themselves paying in service (footrests, etc.)

HOWEVER, even though the clergy and aristocracy were allowed to go to lunch first, the poor bourgeoisie stayed behind to plan a revolution. After recess they quickly surrounded the few aristocrats and even though the clergy TRIED to escape, they were all introduced to Madame de Guillotine.

In the end the bourgeoisie, who spent the majority of their time trying to figure out how to overthrow their ruthless government, had to come up with a new form of government that would work or their country.....and so the saga continues. See pictures of the day!

Scholars are getting ready Friday, Monday, and Tuesday for the tournament on Tuesday evening. I will be updating the blog Friday night to ask for more volunteers if needed. Please note that this tournament is the only required tournament for our scholars since our school is hosting, and since it is a speech event. They will not be required to compete at the debate event in April if they so choose.

Book report projects are due the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Monday they will have their spelling and vocabulary test for this week since Friday is Grace Bailey's birthday.

Birthday celebrations for November take place Friday at 12:45.


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