Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hundreds of Cards, and the Holidays!

Busy as elves these scholars are, as we began today producing 108 holiday greeting cards for our friends at the retirement home. The scholars are busy with this citizenship project for our visit there next Monday, and then we will be producing Christmas Cards for a local family currently at St. Jude's Hospital with an 18 month old suffering from a rare cancer. We are hoping to put a little happiness into their holidays! We are still in need of drivers for the trip on Monday. If you can drive please contact Melody Bloker.

Today was Book Report Project Day....what should have taken a total of an hour and a couple minutes turned into over TWO HOURS!!!! We had a laugh as I HAD to cut off a number of students at 6 minutes of presentation! This is the exact opposite of our first book report projects where I could barely get students to present for 30 SECONDS! We all were amazed at how their speaking skills have grown...and how much more comfortable they are speaking to a group in less than four months! Well done Scholars!

The Math Team will be meeting on Wednesdays after school until 4 p.m. until the competitions begin. If you scholar has a conflict please contact me as soon as possible.

December 9th is a Friday and our Duo Teams from the Forensics Team will be presenting their duo presentations at Barnes and Nobel in Layton beginning at 6:30. We will be following the choir. Please come out and join us and cheer them on! They will be performing for the public!

We will be finishing up our novels this week and starting some new ones....remember the Dickens play in December. Please let your scholar know if you are planning on attending. We need a count by the 7th.

Thank you all for your help and support to making our year a memorable one!

Have a restful evening....enjoy the photos!

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