Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Polymer Paideutic

Our day started out with our new vocab and spelling lists for the week. Please remind your scholar that they should be writing those words out EVERY EVENING in cursive on a piece of practice paper. It even helps if they say the spelling out loud while they hand write it. After four nights they should be able to write that word in cursive easily on Friday morning. For some students syllabication helps if they need to learn the words in parts. Also the definitions are on Spelling City and we work on them every morning....let's see if some of them can increase their spelling/vocab grades this quarter! Vocabulary is a main key to literacy, which in turn is a key to academic success.

The scholars had a discussion on male/female chivalry Monday morning and how we in turn should treat one another in the suite, outside the suite, in the world in general. Hopefully these nuggets of information will stay with them forever!

The other highlight of the day was science class and our polymer experiment. No doubt most parents got to play with the bag of silly putty brought home by your scholar. Please have them tell you EXACTLY what happened with the chemicals in the bag and define a polymer chain! Today's pictures are of our science class. A big thank you to Mrs. Mercado who came in and helped with the experiment today.

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