Monday, August 22, 2011

Beginning to get Busy!

Scholars hit the floor running this morning, with our first spelling/vocab list that they are working on this week. They can sign onto Spelling City this evening, right here through the blog link and spend some time working with them (10 minutes) or they can simply work on them at home, practicing writing them in cursive, spelling them out loud, etc. They will be looking up definitions tomorrow morning.

We moved quickly into Language Arts, got our first Latin root (com) and then into our summer reading groups. We had Five groups present a series of items to the class. They had an introduction stating the book title, the author and the setting. They then had to report on the conflict of the novel, and the overall problem and resolution. They then performed a skit from one of their favorite parts of the book, and lastly presented a persuasive closing as to why everyone else in the class should read the book. Tomorrow they will write about another novel they read this summer. They were given grades as a group based on the five parts of the assignment, and all group members earned the same grade. Overall they were very well done.

We jumped into Math, studying review of factors, multiples, prime numbers, and order of operations. The classwork was review to prepare for the first lessons we will be starting tomorrow. If your scholar is not SOLID in these four skills, please have them working at home. I will provide extra examples if they need them.

After Math we began our unit on the Deserts of the World. Two scholars knew that the Mojave Desert is partly in Utah! We will continue this unit and have a unit test on Wednesday, August 31st.

We then enjoyed a lunch break, and headed into science discovering and refracting light today. We learned the electromagnetic spectrum and will be working with it all week. The photos today are your scholars breaking up white light into the spectrum and coloring the colors on their cards.

Music was our first special today. Your scholar can fill you in on what they learned! :)

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