Friday, August 19, 2011


Shane presenting his refutation and argument.
Students refining their arguments to be prepared to speak!
Adam opened the debate repeating the resolution and affirming it.
Emily being specific about why she WANTS her allowance :)
Today the scholars started off with mad minutes for math. They will be having these little minute routines where they are quizzed on math facts all throughout the year.

We then began drawing and preparing our grammar cards for grammar practice. Today we looked once again at a noun, and how it is used in speech.

We spent a significant amount of time on learning why we study science and the Scientific Method. Ask your scholar if they can name the steps for you in order. Every student should begin thinking about what it is that they would like to discover or test for their science experiment project in March. We had quite a few fine examples explained today.

We then began learning the vocabulary surrounding debate. The scholars are learning how to test a resolution, set up a criterion,and refute an argument. We had a line debate today and the resolution was: Be it resolved; allowance does more harm than good, therefore children should not get allowance."
It made for an interesting debate with some very well thought out refutations. Ask your scholar to fill you in and see the pictures above.

We ended the day by starting to build our brain inventories in our planners. Scholars will have a pool of ideas for writing and various assignments based on what they are inventorying in their brains. They were quite amazed at how much they actually know, and we haven't even scratched the surface!

These scholars ROCK!!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the end of summer! :)

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