Thursday, August 18, 2011

Winding Up!

The scholars started their morning with organizing their lockers (which they have proven they are very good at doing) and labeling every notebook and folder. If your scholar had folders WITHOUT center keepers, (the three metal prongs that hold paperwork) I asked them to go to Office Max and get them for a quarter a piece. They will be handed packets that are 3 hole punched quite often,and they need to be kept in the center keeper.

Once we were finished with that, and learning a bit about what we are going to adventure through together this year, all the scholars took a math assessment. Most are very rusty and were told that this evening it would behoove most of them to brush up on the times tables.

Planners are to be signed EVERY night, and even though there's nothing written down for homework, they can fill you in on what we did today! :)

After our math assessment we designed acrostics with our names to be placed on the bulletin board for Back to School night. The scholars did a lovely job!

We had a time of math brush up with a card game, that the scholars can fill you in on, as well as receiving the Book Report Project Sheet for the entire year. The scholars will only be completing four of the 19 options they have, so they will have to choose wisely.

We have two August birthdays, Andrew Antczak and Sierra Williams. We will be celebrating their birthdays in the 15 minutes before heading home on Friday the 26th. Parents are welcome to join us, or send in a treat for the class to share before heading home.

Enjoy your evening! :)

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