Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Day is Drawing Near!

Tomorrow will be our first day in the suite. If your students have not brought in all of their supplies they may do so tomorrow and we will get them organized and settled.

We will be working on many NEW skills over the next three days, things that a normal fifth grader would not necessarily be used to. We will be learning how to properly behave as a middle school student, how to be responsible for the honor of raising and lowering the United States Flag daily, how to properly address our headmaster and dean, how to be responsible for learned material, and all of our supplies....

It may seem overwhelming to your scholar at first, and I will try to gently break them in to their new way of life....at least for this year! This is an academically accelerated school. We will be moving at a fast and busy pace. There is little to no downtime during the day, but at the same time our days fly by! Ask any scholar from last year and they will tell you how quickly the year went. We will start digging deep into curriculum on Monday. The next three days will be the preliminaries.

PLEASE NOTE: Back To School Night is next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. I will be handing out the parent handbook, the curriculum map, my disclosure which parents and scholars must sign and return, and covering many other notable topics, such as the new attendance policy. Please try your hardest to be present so we can start right on time. I appreciate your willingness to teach your scholars punctuality and priority!  See you then!

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