Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The scholars started the day diving into their vocabulary and dictionaries. We completed the third scene of Act One of Julius Caesar and are working on the end of act one questions.
Tomorrow we will finish and move onto Act Two.

In math we worked on Prime Factorization today and your scholar should be able to tell you what happens when you take ANY prime number, square it, add 17, and divide by 12.....what is the remainder?

In History we reviewed for the exam tomorrow. All scholars took home their review notes and maps.

We spent our character time today talking about punctuality and how being punctual shows respect for ourselves and others. Some scholars need to straighten up and neaten their lockers so they can be more punctual to class and show respect for their classmates.

Feel free to join us Friday morning for our first Assembly on Respect. Your scholars will be down front leading the entire student body in a greeting for Ms. Downs.

Working on History Review Packets today! :)

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