Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy BIrthday Chairing Ceremony!!!!

Andrew and Sierra were the first to experience the "chairing ceremony" in the sixth grade today.....they were promptly placed upon a pedestal as the entire class sang merrily "Happy Birthday to You!" which point they were required to keep a straight face as we proclaimed "Ain't He/She Cute!"....Sierra had to stay up for two verses because she couldn't keep a straight face. Andrew was a man of stone, and managed to not even smile a tad bit! We were happy to share their birthday treats and get to go home for the weekend!

We started our reading and performing skits of Julius Caesar today. We heard lots of "You bloody knave"....especially out of the boys. We have completed Act 1 Scene 1 and will move on tomorrow.

Wyatt Flint, the mystery student returned today!!!! Welcome back WYATT!....the Scholars were quick to get him into the routine, and he's busy making up lots of work to get on schedule with's great to have EVERYONE in attendance :)

We also spent time on our practice problems in math today, read section 5 of the Deserts unit in History and learned how to properly exit the building, both routes, for a fire drill. We will be having our first drill Monday morning, and the scholars are ready to go!

Monday the scholars have a spelling and vocabulary test first thing. They will then be visiting other classes throughout the day to teach all the other grades how to properly address Ms. Downs and Ms. Demeter when they enter our rooms. The scholars will teach the classes, practice with them, and then at our assembly on Friday the scholars will lead the entire student body in standing and properly addressing Ms. Downs when she enters the gymnasium. It will be a fun time for all!

Have a glorious weekend!

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