Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come Into The Light! :)

So the scholars started their day in the normal way, working with Latin roots and vocabulary and spelling words. We moved quickly into setting the stage for Shakespeare, and many are anxious to get their hands on the political power struggle that we are about to unfold. This group of scholars will certainly enjoy Julius Caesar.

After Language arts and Read-A-Loud we spent almost 2 hours working on number lines and placing fractions and decimals on them. Most have a good handle on this procedure. The scholars were reminded at the end of the day that if they did not have a good handle on it, they should take it home and review it tonight.

We read about the Australian Desert today, and the Aborigine people, and then went straight to lunch!

After lunch the scholars spent time in the computer lab working with Mrs. Pockrus on computer keyboarding.

After computer we went right into our first science experiment. Have your students explain to you what they did today, and make sure they discuss photons and the visible light spectrum in the process. This conversation will help them to review what we are learning.

The photos today are of our experiment. If you have questions, ask your scholar to explain! :)

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