Monday, August 29, 2011

Caesar, Prime Numbers, Deserts, and HOMER!

Major ground was covered this morning as the scholars began their day with a spelling and vocabulary test from last week's words. They then got their new list that they will be tested on this coming Friday 9/2. We moved into Latin, (placare) and then straight into Act 1 scene 2 of Julius Caesar, as we watched Cassius manipulate and twist the words out of his "friend's" mouth; Brutus. Tomorrow we will finish Act 1 and the scholars will work in groups to determine what has happened so far.

We then moved into Math and worked with prime factorization today. Remind your scholars that if they need extra practice they need to self-identify to me and I will give them more to do at home. It seemed today that well over 80% of the class had a good grasp of what we were doing. Tomorrow; more of the same.

We finished our History unit today on Deserts. The test will be Wednesday and the scholars will need to plot every desert we have studied on a world map, along with the multiple choice part of the test. Tomorrow we will work in groups and go over a review packet. They can then take that all home and be sure of it by Tuesday.

The scholars had music today, and they have notes that they are responsible for learning for that class. Please remind them to look them over before two weeks from today which is the next time they will have music.

We rounded out the day by beginning Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. We have broken up into Literature Circle groups for this book and teams have chosen names. We have everything from Team Dynamite to Team Sagacious Squirrels! :). Once the students have had some time in this book they will begin seeing parallels between the mythological heroes of the past and our superheros of today.

Tomorrow we will be enjoying time in Art. Please be sure your scholar brings all required items for Art Class.

Have a good evening!

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